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SITOANTD Christmas Cat Toy Balls with Launcher

SITOANTD Christmas Cat Toy Balls with Launcher

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- Upload Date/Time: December 4, 2023, 11:40 PM (Eastern Standard Time)


  • 【X-mas Happy Cat Box】Cat box designed with Christmas theme. It contains 1 red or green colored guns and 80 brightly colored pompom balls. The balls are soft, colorful, and cats love to play with them, chasing them around. You can also use them to create various designs such as collars or Christmas tree ornaments. you can interact with your cats or even your family members and capture the moments through photos or videos.
  • 【Quality and Safety】The toys are made of safe and soft colorful fluff material that does not shed. durable and high quality, never hurt your cats during playtime. The laucher updated with noise reduction features, ensuring that even timid cats won't be startled. The launcher provides appropriate power to prevent any harm to cats or people during play.


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