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Redtwo 15000 Pcs Clay Beads Bracelet Making Kit

Redtwo 15000 Pcs Clay Beads Bracelet Making Kit

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- Upload Date/Time: December 15, 2023, 11:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)


  • 【Perfect bracelet making kit】All you need included,3 boxes clay beads 14400pcs and 600pcs charms kit (include letter beads, evil eye beads, heart beads, pearls, smile beads, gold beads, Spacer Beads,Charms, Extender Chain,earrings, etc.… More than forty kinds of accessories) 2 rolls stretchy strings, a scissors, 1 tweezers. This complete, expansive jewelry making kit is filled with endless possibilities to be imaginative, to meet all your needs for bracelet & jewelry making.
  • 【Rainbow clay bead kit】72 different popular colors,can be made over 90 bracelets and necklaces. arranged in gradient rainbow shades,This version also includes 6 kinds of splicing colors. The rich color selection far exceeds other products on the market to meet any color needs of yours, Each color is in a small compartment, which is easy to access and will not be messed up, and you can easily find it according to your needs.

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