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The New Carnival by Kia, Setting New Horizons for Premium Minivans

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The New Carnival by Kia, Setting New Horizons for Premium Minivans


Hello everyone! Today, let's delve into the innovative design and performance armed with the latest technology of the new Carnival minivan from Kia.


1. Exterior Design: Firmly and magnificently, refined and neatly

The New Carnival embraces Kia's design philosophy of 'Opposites United,' presenting a design that is both robust and majestic, refined and clean. Unique and dignified radiator grills and modern LED headlights showcase the vehicle's strength and sophistication simultaneously. The rear features a Star Map Rear Combination Lamp, eliminating exposed handles to create a tidy tailgate. The heightened waistline and elongated body give observers the impression of a robust SUV. Additionally, exclusive design 19-inch wheels, a black radiator grille, and standard features like projection LED headlamps and side steps contribute to the overall premium look.


2. Space Utilization: A spacious interior space that is open like the horizon

The New Carnival, a result of Kia's engineering prowess, offers a more spacious and comfortable interior than its predecessor. The front boasts a panoramic curved display that integrates a 12.3-inch cluster and infotainment system into one screen, featuring Kia's next-generation infotainment system 'ccNC.' The digital center mirror provides a clear rear view in challenging situations such as glass contamination, nighttime, or rainy conditions. The driver's seat incorporates an Ergo Motion Seat, controlling cushion and seatback air pockets to provide optimal seating comfort and stretching functions. Ambient lighting on the crash pad sets the mood according to the driver's preference. Passengers and the driver can enjoy ample legroom and comfortable seats, along with various storage spaces and convenient features making daily life more convenient.


3. Performance: Exceptional Driving Experience

The New Carnival demonstrates outstanding performance on the road with the latest driving assistance technology. Features like lane change assist control and highway driving assist help the driver maintain a set speed while keeping a safe distance from the front vehicle on highways and dedicated car lanes. The reinforced engine and sophisticated suspension system provide excellent acceleration and stability, instilling confidence for a smooth drive. Moreover, safety technologies designed for various situations prioritize the safety of both the driver and passengers.


4. Smart Technology: Setting New Standards for Connectivity and Convenience

The New Carnival is richly equipped with the latest smart technology. The large display and infotainment system, including smartphone compatibility, maintain connectivity even while driving. Remote Smart Parking Assist allows the driver to park the vehicle remotely using a smart key outside the car. Wireless software updates link major electronic control units and vehicle functions, enhancing connectivity and convenience during the drive.


5. Convenience: A more leisurely driving experience

The New Carnival includes various conveniences such as an 11-inch high-definition head-up display, 2nd-row dynamic body care (exclusive for 7 seats), multi-zone voice recognition, 2nd-row seatbelt buckle lighting, and UV-C sterilization armrest storage. Notably, C-type USB ports for fast charging are available for all passengers in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rows.


6. Safety Reinforcement: Technology that delicately cares for everyday life


The New Carnival enhances safety through the application of the latest safety technology. Eight airbags are applied to protect passengers in case of an accident. Steering wheel vibration warnings, rear passenger alerts, and safety exit assist systems are also incorporated. Collision prevention assistance, lane departure warning systems, automatic emergency braking systems, and parking distance warning systems, among others, are combined to ensure safety in various situations.



In summary, the New Carnival is an innovative model that combines Kia's advanced technology and refined design. With an elegant exterior, comfortable interior, excellent driving performance, latest smart technology, and enhanced safety features, the New Carnival is opening new horizons for premium minivans. As of November 2023, a hybrid model aiming for 'an environmentally friendly family car with high fuel efficiency and quietness' is scheduled for release, and pre-contracts are currently underway.


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