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Act the Adverb – The Perfect Game for Any Family or Group Get-Together

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Fun Family & Group GamesAre you planning a family game night or looking for a fun family activity idea? Have you played each of the family board games one too many times and need something different and new? Perhaps you are planning a party or get-together with some neighbors or friends? No matter what the occasion, ages of those playing, or dynamics of your family or group – play this fun game for your next game night or get-together!


# of Players: 3 or more

Objects Needed: Nothing

To begin this extremely fun acting game, choose one person to leave the room. All the others playing will (more…)

Noun Game – A Funny Game for Any Party or Game Night

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Family & Group GameHave you ever gone online and typed in: “group games” or “fun group games” and all you find are silly and childish games? I know I have! I get somewhat frustrated when I am looking for fun adult group games, but I get games geared towards kids or families with kids.

Well, I want to put an end to this once and for all! While there are many fun group games out there, I wanted to include just one of them (below) that is a blast for adults, parents, groups, etc. It is perfect for the next date night, game night, family night, party, or family reunion – but really for any type of small or large group game setting. Have fun, and let me know how you enjoyed it!


# of Players: 6 or more

Objects Needed: Nothing

Begin by having 3 people leave the room. Those remaining will (more…)

Circle of Madness – A Game the Kids Will Love

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Children's GameEvery mother needs in her arsenal some quiet games for children, as well as some active games. To say the least – this is one of those extremely fun and active outdoor children’s games that all the kids will enjoy. While it is only one of many fun games for children, it is one that kids themselves say they enjoy the most. And, the best part about it – it does not cost any money, you can play it at the park or in the back yard, and the kids love it!


# of Players: 6 or more

Objects Needed: Shoe for each player

Begin by taking a shoe for each player and place them spread out in a large circle. The circle should be roughly 30 feet in diameter, and each shoe should be at least 10 feet apart from each other. The shoes signify safe bases. One person will start by being it, and they will stand in the middle of the circle of shoes (bases), and the rest of those playing will each start on a base.

The goal for the runners is to (more…)

Slap The Deck – A Fun Card Game for Families, Groups, or Children

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Now this looks like funThere are very few card games that can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone – adults, kids, families, friends, groups, etc. Slap the Deck is one of those games! So, for your next game night, family night, party, get-together, etc. – try this fun card game!


# of Players: 3 or more

Objects Needed: Deck of Cards

Card rules are as follows:

Jack’s and 10’s – Slap the deck

2’s – Reverse Play

5’s – Skip a player

Aces – Wild’s

King’s – Choose whomever you want to pick up one card

Begin by dealing out 8 cards to each person playing, and the remaining cards will be placed in a pile in the center. The player to the left of the dealer will (more…)

Grocery Store ABC Game – A Fun Game for Dates, Parties, or just Hanging-Out

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

We unfortunately live in a culture and society that does not provide too many wholesome and uplifting activities for our teens and youth to participate in. Is it any wonder why our teenagers are becoming more violent, idle and lazy, selfish and disrespectful, immoral and unethical, unhealthy and overweight, etc. when they are so bombarded and enticed by the never-ending influences of the media and entertainment around them?

Perhaps what is worse, it seems that our youth and teens are losing their ability to simply be creative and just have simple, wholesome fun together. While there are certainly many good games and activities out there that teenagers can do and participate in, I wanted to share just one that hundreds of teens across the nation have tried and absolutely loved. It is simple, costs no money, may seem silly at first – but it is extremely FUN! (more…)

Inchypinchywinchy – The Best Trick / Prank Game Ever

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

InchypinchywinchyI remember it like it was yesterday. My sister (yes … that is her in the picture) had just arrived home from a long trip, and my family and I were all together just playing games as a family. Before my sister arrived home, we had all decided that we would pull a prank on my sister and play a trick game on her that we had never played before.

So, we got out the camera, got the lipstick, and we all tried to keep a straight face. The game was called: “Inchypinchywinchy.” Yes, the name says it all! There is no skill required in this game – it is not educational, intellectual, challenging, or competitive in any way. You simply have to try and not laugh and give away the ‘secret’ to the victim. To this day, it still is one of the funniest and most memorable games we have ever played as a family. It was just a trick/prank game – but it was a blast. Have fun playing it – but make sure you do it on someone who does not know what is going on! (more…)

Bottom Ball – A Fun Game for Church, Scout, & Youth Ministry Groups

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Youth Group GameAre you a leader or pastor of a Church Group or Youth Group? Are you in charge of the Youth Ministry for your congregation? Perhaps you are a Scout Leader or Summer Camp Instructor? No matter what group or organization you are part of, are you looking for a fun, interactive game that the youth can play and enjoy? Below is one of many extremely fun group games that everyone will love. It is called “Bottom Ball” – and as the name suggests, it is not necessarily a religious game or a Christian game if you will, but it is certainly a lot of fun, and Church Groups, Scout Groups, Youth Groups – or any group – will enjoy playing this fun game!


# of Players: 4 or more

Objects Needed: Balloons, 4 chairs, Yarn

In preparation, set up the playing field by placing two chairs about 20 feet away from each. Take a long piece of string (or yarn) and tie one end to the top of one chair, and the other end of the string to the top of the other chair. The string is the net for the game, thus it needs to be tight and about 3 feet high off the ground. Now place the other two chairs (more…)

Drawing Charades – Family, Friends, & Kids Will Love This Fun Game

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Drawing CharadesThis fun team game can be played with your family, with friends, for team-building or leadership activities, at parties, for Church or youth groups, or any other get-together! It is a combination of the classic game of Charades, but players will draw the words instead of actually acting them out. Enjoy playing this fun team game!


# of Players: 4 or more

Objects Needed: Papers, Pencils, Bowl (& Possibly a Blindfold)

If you are not a good artist, you’d better hope your teammates are great guessers! To start, have each person playing take 5 slips of paper and write (more…)

Billboard Poetry – A Challenging & Fun Road Trip Game for Families & Kids

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Road TripMany people have attempted to tell me that road trips and road trip games are a thing of the past, now that everyone flies to their destinations. While there is certainly truth to that, people still go on road trips all the time – and anyone who has kids will agree that they are always looking for fun games and activity ideas for any long road trip, or even just a short car trip around town to run errands.

So, whether on your next long road trip, or just a quick car trip around town – try this extremely fun game to help keep the kids entertained. It is one of many, but seems to be one that children really enjoy.


# of Players: 2 or more

Objects Needed: Nothing

Everyone playing this fun car game will be on their own team. One player will start and find a random billboard and read one sentence from the billboard, and it should be (more…)

Reckless Dress Up – A Hilarious Game for Families, Groups, or Children

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Fun Games for Families, Groups, & ChildrenHave you ever been to a party, family get together, or just a fun date/game night with friends and you played one of those games that was just boring (and somewhat awkward cause it was so silly and childish)? I think we all have. Have you ever gone online to look for a real fun and funny game for that next game night, but all you could find were silly juvenile type games? Been there – done that!

I wanted to provide one of the many games that I have played that is hilarious and that everyone will find funny and enjoy. It is an extremely fun game, and perfect for that next game night, date night, family reunion, family game night, or get-together with neighbors or friends. Plus, if you are going to play a game that is funny and embarrasses you – you might as well have everyone be embarrassed right! (more…)